Safe room for kittens

Bringing home a new kitten is so exciting. Make sure you have a safe room prepared for her when she arrives at your home. The room should contain a comfortable bed, food and water bowls (not too close together – cats prefer their drinking water separated from their food), and a litter tray with fine litter (for delicate little paws!). The litter tray should be completely isolated from food, drinking, sleeping and playing areas. It’s a good idea to get your kitten a scratching post and a cat gym for climbing, as well as some catnip to encourage the use thereof (a much better option than your curtains).

If your kitten is your only companion animal, she can start exploring the rest of your home after about a day. If you have other animals, introductions will have to proceed gradually and positively, with your kitten remaining in the room when supervision is not possible and until safety is ensured.

Katherine Brown, behaviourist


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