Save Julia and Zoya from a life of cruelty

On 22 June, FOUR PAWS received an official appeal from the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, urging us to intervene and rescue two 10-year-old female bears at once. 

Boyka_Standy6Confined to a pair of cramped and corroded cages on a dilapidated truck bed in a village near Kiev, the two bears, Julia and Zoya, are under threat. There is an extremely high risk that Julia and Zoya will be sold to an illegal bear baiting station unless FOUR PAWS can intervene and ACT NOW!

Living in miserable conditions under illegal private keeping, the bears’ owner is unable to cover their costs any longer. He has received several offers from illegal baiting stations and until now, he has refused. But the financial incentive is high and the Ministry fears that both bears will be sold to baiting stations in the immediate future.

If sold, the bears will be forced to fight trained dogs for the sake of entertainment. Chained and helpless, they will endure immense pain and terrible injuries. Help us protect Julia and Zoya from a life of cruelty!

At the moment, both bears are unable to stand up or stretch out in their small cages and their faces are covered with scars and bruises. They will need urgent medical treatment after the rescue. Moreover, FOUR PAWS only has one free enclosure at the BEAR RESCUE STATION Nadiya. In order to accommodate Julia and Zoya, further construction work is necessary: building new fences and a new adaption box will cost £14,000. We need your help to carry out this rescue and provide long-term care for Julia and Zoya. Please donate today!

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