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Do you have a story about a courageous dog that you want to share with us? We’re looking for all the fabulous dogs out there who have a fabulous story to tell – dogs who inspire us as much as Sergeant Stubby.

The movie, Sgt Stubby, is based on the true story of a Bull Terrier cross who found his way into a military training camp. He crawled into the hearts of the troops, who trained to fight in World War I, and finally ended up on the battlefield himself.

There he saved many people’s lives and ended up with the most awards any other dog in the war received.

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Every year Animaltalk celebrates the fabulous dogs in our lives with the annual Animaltalk Top Dog Recognition Awards. One of the categories is Courageous Canine and we’re looking for the true hero dogs who inspire people.

Send your story, contact details and a photograph to, with the subject line ‘Sergeant Stubby’, and you could win a Bully Bedz dog bed. The competition closes 13 September 2018.


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