Snakes as pets – what to consider

People have different ideas when it comes to choosing a pet. If you want a pet to cuddle, then reconsider opting for a snake, and rather get a dog, cat or a bunny.

Snakes are not the easiest pets to keep, but if you are adamant, keep these in mind:

  • If you are considering keeping a snake as a pet, choose a common species that does not require specialised care or housing (ideally a captive-bred individual) and about which adequate information exists.
  • Acquire all necessary housing equipment and facilities before bringing the animal home.
  • Having decided what sort and species of snake you want, learn as much as possible about the species by reading all the available literature before you buy.
  • Making contact with a respected snake keeper and/or visiting a facility to learn as much as possible about the requirements would be in your and your snake’s best interest.

Also, keep in mind that licensing is a requirement if you want to keep a snake, with specified conditions in certain provinces in South Africa. Also, reptiles must only be sourced from licensed owners and dealers.


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