Some donkey facts

Donkeys are so adorable with those long ears and we want to share a few facts about donkeys:

  • Donkeys can recognise other donkeys and places they’ve been for about 25 years.
  • The sound a donkey makes is called braying.
  • Donkeys can live up to 50 years when they are properly taken care of.


Donkeys are:

  • Intelligent animals.
  • Gentle and sweet.
  • Make good pets (provided that you have the space, time and finances).
  • Stronger than horses of the same size.
  • Sensitive and don’t like being yelled at.


My, what big ears you have

Donkeys have big, floppy ears. Maybe it is their big ears that add to their cute looks, but that is not what they are there for. A donkey’s ears serve multiple roles. The most important is so that he can hear really well. A donkey can hear certain sounds from as far as 90km away. This helps him to hear predators approaching – his biggest threat in the world.

Another reason why his ears are so big is so that he can hear his fellow herd mates calling. Donkeys tend to spread out a bit in the wild when they are grazing. A donkey’s ears also help him to stay cool while he is grazing in the sun. This happens when the blood runs through large veins close to his skin.



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