Special treats for my cat and dog

We often get the question: Can I give my cats and dogs extra treats on special days? Is there anything healthy with low kilojoules that I can give them?

Humans like to have a treat (whether it be chocolate, sweets or a cookie) now and again and this usually will not cause weight gain or other problems if done in moderation. The same goes for your pet. Moderation is the key!

If you are concerned about weight gain, you can use the pet’s usual diet as treats. For example, if your dog gets a half cup of pellets twice a day, take some pellets from each meal and use that as treats. Some pets like carrots and apples, so these can also be used as low-calorie treats.

The normal dog and cat treats that can be bought are not bad choices for pets who do not have weight problems. Just remember, if your pet is on a food trial prescribed by your vet, then treats (of any kind) should be avoided!

Dr Vanessa McClure, veterinarian


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