Strong as a…

Have you ever wondered which animals are the strongest? Here are some interesting facts for you to think about.

It all depends how you look at it. If we’re talking about the toughest animal, the honey badger is at the top of the list. This creature is so tough that his high level of immunity can withstand the venom of various snakes – he merely sleeps off the effects of the venom, gets up and acts as if nothing has happened. He even kills and eat snakes. But it doesn’t end there – he has a loose, really thick skin (about 6mm) around the neck to help him survive predator attacks. This thick skin allows the honey badger to turn around in his skin and counter-attack the predator.

If we’re referring to physical strength, the dung beetle – in relation to his body weight – is the strongest animal on the planet. He has to roll balls of dung that can be 50 times his own weight – he can roll and bury a total of dung that is 250 times his weight in one night. In one case, a dung beetle has even been seen to roll a ball that is 1,141 times his own body weight.

The saltwater crocodile will win the prize for the strongest bite force – 16,460 newtons – while the hyena generates around 4,450 newtons. You don’t want to get in the way of those jaws, never mind those gruesome teeth.


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