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The World Day for Lab Animals is on 24 April 2019 and the NSPCA issued a statement about the use of animals for scientific purposes and that it is an extremely complex and controversial issue both locally and internationally.

“The NSPCA has a unit dedicated to ensuring that optimal welfare is reached, and that animals do not suffer in this sector.  As such, broad-based practical initiatives are needed to address animal welfare concerns within this field.

“In an ideal world research should be done without using animals. Unfortunately, we have not reached that stage yet. The Animal Ethics Unit represents animal welfare on 45 animal ethics committees around the country. We work tirelessly to ensure the well-being of all animals, including invertebrates, which are used for scientific purposes. We have, and will continue to put a stop to the unnecessary exploitation of animals,” says Erika Bornman, manager of the NSPCA’s Animal Ethics Unit.

With this in mind, we want to know:


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