TechTalk: Diabetes app for pets

Nowadays, there is an app to download onto your phone for just about anything you can think of. Some apps are really helpful, like the Pet Diabetes Tracker app. This is one of the mobile apps that helps pet owners to track and manage their cat’s or dog’s diabetes.

The app records and monitors a variety of information that a pet owner can share with their pet’s vet. The information can help the vet to make an informed decision about the pet’s health and whether it is necessary to adapt the pet’s healthcare in any way.

The pet owner first creates a profile for the pet that establishes a monitoring routine that will fit in with the lifestyle of the pet and his owner. The app can record crucial information about the pet’s routine – like when his last meal was, how often he should be fed and how much he should receive at each meal.

The app also records and monitors the pet’s water intake and the different glucose levels at specific intervals. It even contains a section with possible signs of illness, to help owners who aren’t sure whether or not there is something wrong with their pets.

Perhaps the most important function of the app is that owners can create multiple alerts for themselves, like when the next insulin injection is due, when the next vet appointment is, or even when to buy the next round of medication.

It also tracks the pet’s exercises and activities, his weight and body condition. By monitoring all this information, the vet gets a very good idea of the pet’s habits and health, and how he is coping on his current medication. Should there be any concerning information, the app will give the pet owner an alert, and can alert the vet as well.

Owners of pets with diabetes understand the importance of feeding their animals at the right time, and the importance of monitoring their glucose levels and when their next insulin medication is due. Timing is of the essence, and an hour could mean the difference between life and death. And that is why an app like Pet Diabetes Tracker is so important.

Since we are so busy nowadays, and time flies by so quickly, most pet owners could use the extra help in their lives. When a pet suffers from an illness, like diabetes, that requires constant monitoring, an app like this one is a must-have.


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