Tips to help your pet stay healthy

We love our pets, and we want to see them healthy and happy. There are a few things that you can do to help keep your pet healthy, and they might be easier than you think. You might have to plan a little differently or ask for help where necessary, but ultimately, it is your responsibility as a pet owner to do what you can.


1. Best food

Always buy the best food that you can afford. Speak to your vet about the needs of your pet and ensure that he gets all the nutrition that he needs.


2. Fresh water

Pets need water just like people do. They normally drink water after a meal, which helps them digest the food they have consumed. It’s important for them to get fresh water every day. Did you know that the first sip of water they take is normally to rinse out their mouths? That means that food particles and saliva in your pet’s mouth stay behind in the bowl.


3. Clean bowls

Just like you wouldn’t like to eat off a dirty plate, your pets don’t either. Make sure their bowls are clean at the start of every meal. Wash their dishes after every meal with a liquid detergent and rinse them properly afterwards.


4. Stay active

A very important way to keep your pets healthy is to ensure that they stay active according to their needs. Just like cats and dogs love to play, small pets, like birds, small rodents and rabbits, also enjoy a play session or two. It also helps to occupy their minds and prevent them from getting bored.


5. Vet visits

Every pet should see the vet at least once a year for a check-up and twice a year if they are senior animals. This helps to pick up any signs that a medical issue could be developing.


6. Vaccinations

Vaccinations against dreaded diseases and viruses are one way to ensure that they stay as healthy as possible. Rabies is almost always fatal but is preventable through vaccination.


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