A victory against dog fighting!

Five suspects allegedly involved in dog fighting have recently been arrested

Five suspects allegedly involved in dog fighting have recently been arrested

Inspectors from the NSPCA and SAPS officers from the West Rand K9 Unit recently arrested five suspects and rescued eight injured animal victims of dog fighting.

The area of Tshepisong in Roodepoort is one of many communities suffering from the dog fighting epidemic that has spread rapidly throughout South Africa. The people of Tshepisong had become increasingly concerned about the often atrocious conditions these dogs were being kept in and were growing tired of the constant stream of injured, broken and bleeding dogs, the violence of the youth involved in the crime and the threat that these dogs presented to community owners and their pets.

They brought their concerns to Community Led Animal Welfare (CLAW) who operate a community­-based initiative assisting pet owners in Kagiso. CLAW referred community members to the National Council of SPCA’s (NSPCA) Special Investigations Unit.

Information received from community members included video clips of violent, bloody dog fights, addresses of dog fighters and the hiding places of injured dogs.

Thumbs of to these inspectors and officers from team Animaltalk!


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