Wizards Wish fundraiser in aid of PETS

The Wizards Wish fundraiser in aid of PETS was a huge success #AnimaltalkCares

On the 24th of October Wizards Wish celebrated their fifth birthday whilst hosting a fundraiser in aid of PETS (Pet Empowerment in Townships). There were lots of goodies that were sponsored for giveaways, including Animaltalk magazines!

All funds raised will go towards PETS vet bills as they do amazing work educating people in townships as well as treating the animals. A phenomenal total of R7,720 was made on the day – excluding all of the people who donated directly to the vet themselves!

PETS brought an awesome cake through to celebrate their 5th birthday. They also auctioned off a stunning hand made one of a kind teddy bear. There was a very educational clicker training demonstration done by Micaela Collins who used one of Wizards Wish Stable Yards school ponies, Danny Boy. She had previously done six sessions with him and the results were amazing to watch. He was able to walk back on command, touch a tyre and look left or right.

The energy and love shared on that day was amazing. A huge thank you to everyone who took part, helped out and donated in one way or another.

For more information:

Contact person – Sue-Anne/Vanesse
Contact number – 076 172 2360 or 079 423 9365
Contact email address – wizardswishstable@gmail.com