Q & A: Hand attack

Q: While playing my cat sometimes bites and scratches my hand. Why does she do it? What can I do about it? A: Cats are

Q & A: The big move

Q: We’ll be moving to a new house shortly. How can I prepare our three cats for the big move? A: Moving is an extremely

Q & A: Old cat vet visits

Q: Should my cat see the vet more than once a year for a check-up as she gets older? A: The American Association of Feline

Ins and outs of a vet visit

Routine health checks are a big part of a veterinarian’s work and should also be an important aspect of your pet’s life. Routine health checks

Supplements for pets

If vitamins, minerals and other dietary supplements are recommended for improved human health, such as vitamin C for immune support, shouldn’t we automatically assume that

Cat purrs and their healing powers

Have you ever experienced the joy of petting a cat and feeling her vibrate with contentment? That’s the unmistakable sound of purring, a unique ability

Q&A: Rolling in the litterbox

Q: Is it normal for my cat to roll in the litterbox after I’ve cleaned it? What should I do about this behaviour? A: The

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