• Everlasting freshness

    Cats can leave your house in utter disarray, by scratching your furniture or turning your living spa...

  • Feeding your kitten

    Hearts melt at the sight of a kitten. But that adorable bundle of fluff you’re bringing home is goin...

  • Relaxing cat music

    Does your cat need to relax, or do you just want to treat your cat to some smoothing music? Have a l...

  • Welcome home, kitty

    Whether you choose to buy your kitten from a reputable breeder or rescue a kitten from a shelter, it...

  • Getting a new kitten?

    Dreaming of a new ball of fluffy kitten is one thing, but choosing the right breed can be a more int...

Why your cat needs her naps

Cats are probably some of the laziest animals around. After all, they sleep all day, and expect their human slaves to bring them food day after day. Right? Wrong. Actually, the cat’s sleeping pattern makes perfect sense.

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Hairball havoc – no more hairy dilemmas

Cats spend many hours of their lives grooming themselves. It keeps their coat soft, clean from debris and dead hair as well as stimulating blood circulation. This is perfectly natural, but excessive grooming can lead to problems with hairballs. Excessive ...

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Cats in the city

How to choose an ideal cat for townhouse and apartment living; and how to keep an indoor cat happy

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The African leopard

Leopards may target livestock, but with the guidance of various conservation organisations, farmers can implement nonlethal methods for predator control

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The Black-footed cat

Night stalker, Africa’s smallest feline, the black-footed cat is a shy, nocturnal species rarely seen in the wild

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