9 reasons why cats are so special

Cats are amazing creatures and there are various factors that add to their charm. Why else did the Egyptians adore them and regard them as

Q & A: Cats communicating

Q: Do cats really only meow to communicate with people? How do they communicate with other cats? A: Kittens meow to communicate their needs, or

Q & A: Real water babies

Q: Why do some cats hate water, and others don’t? A: The Turkish Van is a breed of cat who famously enjoys water, to the

Cat myth-buster

Old wives’ tales, long-tail stories and mythoi are handed down from generation to generation to the extent that we often believe them to be true.

Q & A: Cleaning cat teeth

Q: I recently read that dogs’ teeth should be cleaned regularly. What about cat teeth, and how often should that happen? A: Cats are affected

Cats need cat food

Q: Why should cats not eat dog food? A: Cats need a balanced diet to ensure that their nutritional needs are met. If they are

When pets should see their vets

Visiting the vet with our pets might not be on our priority list of nice things to do. But it should definitely be something that

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