Part 42 – New adventure

Until we are around a year old, our Puppy Raisers have to do as much socialising with us as they can. So I went out with Mom as often as I could, and we visited many different places like shopping centres, markets, nursery schools and so on. We also went to parks with other puppies-in-training to run around and have fun! A few times a month we met up with the Puppy Raiser Supervisors so they could see how we were doing.

So for the last couple of months I’ve been very busy, and that’s why I’ve been so quite.

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But the time came for me to start my formal training at Guide-Dogs and Mom got the phone call to let her know that she will have to take me in. My last full week at home was so good. I got so many cuddles and love and treats!


Then it was time for Mom and Dad to drop me off at big school. I was ready to go in for my training as a Service Dog. Mom was a bit sad but remembered that I can still go home on weekends! So it was only a few days until she would fetch me again. And weekends will be all play!


Next time I tell you how my training is going


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