Cat Know How

Décor ideas for cat owners

During the pandemic, our pets have played an even greater part in our lives, offering endless companionship and joy. As a result, the demand for

How smart is your cat?

We imagine a debate between dog people and cat people about which animal is most intelligent will result in a heated conversation! While not as

Deworm your cats regularly

Worms are endoparasites that live inside the body of your pet. They take up residence in your pet’s small intestine or migrate elsewhere in the

Is your child cat-ready?

Giving in to a bundle of kitty fur just because it is cute and you want your child to have an animal companion, is not

Managing your cat’s hairballs

Cats are avid self-groomers and will often spend hours at this task. Although it leaves us with a lovely clean cat, the hair that accumulates

6 tips when planning a catio

Every cat parent will know that cats love exploring the outdoors and live out their hunting instincts. The sad reality these days is that it

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