Cat Know How

Music therapy can calm your cat

Does your cat seem a bit anxious and your first thought is to play her that one song that calms you down? Stop! You won’t

How to brush your cat’s teeth

Brushing your kitten’s teeth every day will prevent a build-up of plaque. If ever there was a good time to start brushing your cat’s teeth,

Teaching (an older) cat

Your cat looks at you, wondering when you will return to wherever you normally go during the day. Instead of boring her again, why not

Get kitty moving

Here is something to keep your cat entertained while you’re stuck at home. Research shows that in addition to helping to prevent weight gain, physical

Preparing for a kitten

A recent study indicates that the best age for homing kittens is closer to 14 weeks than the commonly advised eight weeks [i]. This is

Cat zoomies

Has your cat ever had the zoomies? Your cat suddenly starts running around like crazy, as fast as she can, doing laps around the room

Caring for a deaf cat – 4 tips

Just like people with disabilities deserve the best life they can get, so do our pets. Most people will look for a healthy, happy kitten

Why do cats spray?

If there is a lingering smell of cat urine in your home and you are sitting with your hands in your hair, not knowing what

Taking care of your older cat

Cats may have nine lives, but all cat lovers will know that they live them to the fullest! It is often difficult to deal with

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